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AERB Skipping rope with counter

AERB Skipping rope with counter

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Smart math chip and ball bearings : Double probe electronic chip, the calculation is more accurate. The high-quality, built-in ball bearings ensure fast rotation. Smart counter can display preset weight, exercise time, number of jumps, calories, etc. Suitable for both beginners and children, adult women and men for scientific training, and for professional fitness specialists to adjust the training plan.

Ergonomic Griffith : Sticky foam handle with memory for a secure grip. Even if you sweat in the palm of your hand during exercise, you will not be able to throw the rope so easily.

Adjustable and Durable : The length of the steel cords is 280 cm and the length can be adjusted for all body types. If the end is too long, you can cut it off. The steel wire is wrapped in PVC material, which is stronger and comfortable to wear.

Vortex Jump Rope: Skipping rope is an aerobic exercise that burns calories and boosts metabolism. The calories burned on the 10-minute jump rope is equivalent to about 20 minutes of running (different body types require different levels of exercise). In addition, appropriate strength training has a better effect on the plasticity of the arms, shoulders, back and abdomen and reduces excess fat.

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