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Nokia 105 Black Dual Sim 4G

Nokia 105 Black Dual Sim 4G

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The new Nokia 105 is a classic no frills phone with a nice long battery life of weeks. This is the ideal backup phone, just in case. Virtually indestructible and with a contemporary look.

Longing for simpler times

The Nokia 105 2017 makes us long for simpler times. Not entirely coincidentally, this 105 itself is also quite simple. Don't expect extensive functions, complicated menus and tedious updates here. Just one chunk of plastic with buttons you can press. No touch screen, camera or battery draining features. The result is an easy-to-use phone with a battery that allows you to call for 15 hours or be on standby for a month. And of course a price tag of a few tenners.

Built-in flashlight

Because you can't install apps, it's good to know that the Nokia 105 (2017) is pre-equipped with some games so you don't have to get bored on the go. Consider, for example, the popular game Snake. But you will also find a calendar, calculator and FM radio. To listen to the radio, you plug in a pair of headphones at the top, which then serves as an antenna. On top you will also find a flashlight with which you can find your way back home in the dark. You will need it because GPS and navigation apps are missing. Strangely enough, you will also find the charging point on top. Usually it is at the bottom, but with this 105 2017 it is at the top.

Main Nokia 105 (2017) specifications

  • Polycarbonate housing retains color after scratches
  • Built-in flashlight
  • Listen to the radio thanks to integrated FM radio
  • Long battery life with 15 hours talk time or 1 month standby
  • Game Snake Xenia installed

Keeps its color

Other noteworthy features are a compact 1.8-inch screen and the colorful plastic casing that retains its color even when scratched. The buttons with numbers are far enough apart to find by touch and therefore to text quickly.

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