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Multi 4-in-1 Power Strip

Multi 4-in-1 Power Strip

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Double Socket: 2 ports and 2 USB ports, this multi-socket is suitable for EU power outlet. You can expand the socket to 2 sockets and 2 USB ports. These power outlets can meet your different charging requirements and can be used anytime, anywhere. Compact power strips with 2 sockets can save more space.

4-in-1 design: 2 Tomas AC and 2 USB ports.

Multiple USB connections: Maximum current 16a. Two USB ports (2.4a). There is a small LED indicator in the double USB slot, which is used to indicate whether the USB slot is working properly and does not affect your normal rest.

Safety: Axiuloo usb wall power supply board uses flame retardant materials and intelligent charging technology can prevent overcharging and short circuit.

Application: Double USB wall sockets provide you the convenience of living room, bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. It is suitable for laptops, cleaning robots, smartphones, coffee machines, electric toothbrushes. The power strip can also be used in sockets in many countries/regions: Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Sweden, etc. Great for travel or at home.
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