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Letsfit IW1 Smartwatch

Letsfit IW1 Smartwatch

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With the Letsfit IW1 Smartwatch you kill two birds with one stone, because it now offers all the advantages of being both a fashion accessory and a high-tech accessory.

Letsfit is one of the most affordable and popular smartwatch brands in the world. We particularly like the Letsfit iW1 for its ability to accurately track activity, its touchscreen and easy-to-use menus. The best part is that it allows you to manually measure your SpO2 level whenever you want, which is a competitive advantage over other smartwatches. If you are looking for a tracker with superiority, this smartwatch is for you.

The Letsfit IW1 smartwatch has a wealth of features and comes with all the key features you would expect from a smartwatch including heart rate detection, blood oxygen level (SpO2) measurements, sleep monitoring, and is paired with an exclusive Letsfit app for more detailed statistics . demonstration of your fitness data, which we believe helps people see that the performance and design far exceeds the retail price.

The Letsfit IW1 smartwatch is a good and handy watch with a heart rate monitor. To make sure your heart is functioning properly, it tracks your heart rate when you're working out or just resting, and lets you know when your heart misses a beat. These are just a few practical and effective solutions that can help you take better care of your heart.

The Letsfit IW1 smartwatch has a built-in sensor that can help you understand how well your body absorbs oxygen (or what we call SpO2) during the night when you sleep or even during the day.

The SpO2 measurement function on this watch is unique, as it supports both manual measurements at any specific time and automatic monitoring during the night. This feature is very helpful for people with cardiopulmonary health problems or those who reside in high altitude areas.

Walk, run, dance, play and move more Letsfit IW1 comes with 14 sport modes to meet your different exercise needs, and each mode offers detailed and unique data graphs for you to view. In sports modes such as running, walking and cycling outdoors, you can even see travel routes through maps. It helps you get more accurate workout statistics to help you better manage your fitness goal.

IP68 Waterproof : Go on a wild workout in the rain, sweat to your heart's content. No matter what you're doing, even if your watch is submerged in water, the Letsfit IW1 is protected at all times thanks to a waterproof nano-coating that repels water and keeps your device in top shape.

More Features : In addition to these important features, this smartwatch also comes with some interesting and useful features including smart notifications, interchangeable watch faces, breathing training, music controls, alarms, timers, adjustable brightness, a stopwatch, 7 days battery life and more for you to to explore.

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