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Oral-B PRO 600 CrossAction electric toothbrush with timer

Oral-B PRO 600 CrossAction electric toothbrush with timer

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Experience the Oral-B PRO 600, the #1 toothbrush brand recommended by dentists around the world. The Pro 600 electric toothbrush helps you professionally brush your teeth like a dentist for 2 minutes via the timer and alerts you every 30 seconds when the brushing area changes. While you simply move the toothbrush around in your mouth, Oral-B's unique round brush head does the rest for you. It removes up to 100% more plaque than a traditional manual toothbrush, resulting in healthier gums and a brighter smile by removing surface stains from day one. With the professional timer, the Oral-B PRO 600 is a great toothbrush for anyone who wants to switch to an electric toothbrush.

Up to 100% more plaque removal: round brush head cleans better and ensures healthier gums
• Dynamic movement helps achieve better results
• Round brush head inspired by professional cleaning tools vibrates, rotates and pulsates to loosen and remove plaque
• 1 mode: daily cleaning • Battery that lasts more than 10 days
• Includes: 1 electric handle with charger, 1 brush head
• All of the following replacement brush heads can be used with the Oral-B PRO 600 rechargeable electric toothbrush: Cross Action, 3DWhite, Sensi Ultrathin, Sensitive Clean, Precision Clean, Floss Action, Tri Zone, Dual Clean, Power Tip, Ortho Care.

Removes up to 100% more plaque*

The Oral-B PRO 600 Electric Toothbrush offers superior cleaning vs. a regular manual toothbrush. Inspired by professional cleaning tools, the CrossAction toothbrush head wraps each tooth with bristles angled at 16 degrees and the 3D cleaning action vibrates, rotates and pulsates to loosen and remove up to 100% more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush. The timer in the handle helps you brush the 2 minutes recommended by dentists. In addition, it is offered by Oral-B, the brand most used by dentists worldwide.
*vs. a regular manual toothbrush

Superior 3D cleaning action
The brush head design, inspired by professional cleaning tools, covers every tooth and the dynamic movement of the 3D cleaning action adapts to your teeth as it vibrates, rotates and pulsates to loosen and remove up to 100% more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush.

Oral-B Pro 600 brushing modes & features
Daily cleaning - comprehensive daily cleaning

Oral-B Pro 600 pro timer
A handy timer in the handle buzzes every 30 seconds to indicate it's time to brush the next quadrant of your mouth. The electric toothbrush alerts you when you've brushed for 2 minutes, the time recommended by dentists.

Try 6 perfect solutions with 1 brush
Oral-B offers a variety of replacement brush heads to meet your personal oral care needs. The ORAL-B PRO 600 electric toothbrush is suitable for a wide range of Oral-B electric brush heads so that you can clean your teeth according to your own needs every time. To maintain a high level of cleaning, remember to replace your brush head as recommended by dentists, every 3 to 4 months or as soon as the bristles fade or wear out.

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