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Wilkinson Woman Bikini Trimmer Hydro Silk

Wilkinson Woman Bikini Trimmer Hydro Silk

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Wilkinson Woman Bikini Trimmer Hydro Silk

The Hydro Silk Bikini Trimmer from Wilkinson makes shaving the bikini line even easier than ever: trim, shave and style all in 1! The 2-in-1 shaving system ensures exact contours, a pleasant shave and silky smooth skin.

  • Waterproof Trimmer: battery operated and can be set to 3 different hair lengths. Thanks to the precise trimmer, contours can be styled accurately.
  • Water activated Hydra Renew™ serum: upon contact with water, this serum is activated and spreads over the skin when shaving. The dermatologically tested serum contains Shea butter and helps to hydrate the skin.
  • 5 Curve Sensing blades: adapt to the natural contours of your body, for a pleasant shave and irresistibly smooth skin - even in the sensitive bikini line!
  • Dermatologically tested.
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