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ULTIMATE SPEED - Car battery charger with jump start function

ULTIMATE SPEED - Car battery charger with jump start function

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With this handy battery charger you will never have to deal with an empty battery again. You can start your battery immediately without having to wait unnecessarily. This device recognizes the battery type and has different charging programs to optimally charge the battery. The built-in diagnostic program can, among other things, warn when a battery is defective and check the performance of the battery. You can use this battery charger for passenger car and motorcycle batteries of 6 or 12 V and a capacity between 8 and 210 Ah.

  • Immediate start of the engine with a weak battery without time-consuming charging
  • Program selection for recharging with optimum adaptation to the battery type
  • Light machine tester for checking performance
  • Intelligent microprocessor control with diagnostic program and controlled charging process
  • Impulse charging for regenerating empty batteries
  • Connection for a long period of time to obtain the optimum charge without sulphate formation
  • LC display for charging process, voltage value and charging status
  • Automatic battery recognition with display in the event of a defective battery
  • Suitable for all lead gel and lead acid batteries
  • Charging cable holder on the side for organized storage
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