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COOCAA 55S8M | OLED TV | 55"

COOCAA 55S8M | OLED TV | 55"

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LG-COOCAA 55S8M, a 55-inch OLED TV with impressive picture and sound quality.

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. It is a display technology that uses individual organic pixels to emit light when an electrical current passes through them. The big advantage of OLED technology is that each pixel can be turned on or off individually, resulting in deeper blacks and more vibrant colors. This means that the COOCAA 55S8M offers excellent contrast and very realistic image quality, with vibrant colors that pop off the screen.

With a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, also known as 4K Ultra HD, the COOCAA 55S8M provides an incredibly sharp and detailed image. This means you can enjoy all your favorite movies, TV shows and video content in stunning clarity and detail. The ratio between screen height and width is 16:9, which is what you are used to from most top devices.

In terms of viewing comfort, the COOCAA 55S8M offers a viewing angle of up to 178 degrees horizontally and vertically. This means that you can optimally experience the image from almost any position in the room, without having to compromise on image quality. Whether you're sitting directly in front of the TV or watching from the side, the image remains vibrant and clear.

As for the sound, the COOCAA 55S8M is equipped with two speakers of 10 watts each. The multi-channel Dolby Digital is integrated as a sound system. This way you can fully enjoy your music or the sound of the movie. If you want to do without a remote control at all, you can also use voice control.

As for the operating system, the COOCAA 55S8M runs on Android 10.0. This means you can access a wide variety of apps and services through the Google Play Store. You can install and use your favorite streaming apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube and more directly on the TV.

In short, the COOCAA 55S8M offers excellent image quality thanks to the OLED technology and a sharp resolution of 4K Ultra HD. The sound is of good quality with the built-in 2x 10 watt speakers, and the Android 10.0 operating system gives you access to a wide range of apps and content. It's an impressive TV that takes your viewing experience to the next level.

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